Annika Rundberg

Custom Laser Etched Pint Glasses
from 18.00

I use a 60W laser cutter to etch glass, wood, acrylic, and anodized aluminum. For these glasses and other cylinders, I use a rotating tool that turns the flask while the laser is running that ensures that the focus and quality of the etch is optimized. Send me your logo, black and white image, or text and font you want marked into a pint glass. Expect a two week turnaround unless you hear different from me. 

Custom Stamped Necklace

Materials: sterling silver

I can hand stamp "MAKE AMERICA KIND AGAIN", "WATER IS LIFE", "DONT TREAD ON ME", initials of a loved one.... anything!I can customize the shape of the base plate, length of the chain, and the placement of the stamps. Let me know what you need and I can make it.  

More custom options

  Custom bezel for Casey McMains hand made cabochon

Custom bezel for Casey McMains hand made cabochon

Custom Bezel Setting

Have a unique stone or object you would like to be able to wear?  

I have bezel set many not traditional things so that it can be adorned.  I love working with people to create something unique, long lasting, and special.  Let me know what you have in mind and I can get you a quote.

Adjustments and Repairs

Chains break, fingers change, accidents happen...

Let me know the damage and I can get you a quote to bring it back to life.  

If it is one of my pieces, lets talk! I make things to last and want to make sure you are a happy customer.

 Laser Etched White Cabochon

Laser Etched White Cabochon

Custom Graphics on White Cabochons

I use the laser cutter to transfer black and white images onto hand crafted white enameled cabochons.  

You can customize

  • image or text
  • shape/size of cabochon
  • necklace, earrings, bracelet..

Let your imagination dictate the possibilities :)

 Custom Pint Glass

Custom Pint Glass

Other Materials Laser Etch Customizable

I have a lot of experience with laser cutters and can laser etch or cut a wide variety of things. Let me know what you need made custom and I can get you a quote.

  • anodized aluminum dog tags
  • glass (pint glasses, wine glasses, vace..)
  • genuine leather
  • cermarking steel (black graphic on steel)