Annika Rundberg

Meet the Maker

Do What You Love

Time on a jeweler's workbench is highly cherished by Annika Rundberg.  She wears many hats, though at the end of each day is a jeweler.  The repetitive motions of sanding and filing endured to make a piece is meditative to Annika. Although it may be a cliché, it is none the less true..

Doing what you love is freedom, and loving what you do is happiness.

Style & Quality

All jewelers know that quality is everything! The stereotype for jewelers is that they are a little OCD, and in order to be a good one you kinda have to be. The human eye can discern something as small as .1mm. Jewelers spend a lot of time sanding and polishing out micro-scratches and inspecting their creations inside and out. When she doesn’t have jewelry inches from her face, she enjoys going out to nature to find textures, colors and other inspiring formations. Annika enjoys mixing the classic styles with a dash of the gamine.

100% Handmade Jewelry

Living in a consumerist society where most items are manufactured and mass produced, Annika highly values the intimacy and signature touch of hand crafted items. Annika makes her jewelry from flat sheet that she hand pierces, hand files, hand solders, and hand polishes. Some of her designs incorporate a unique technique of laser etching graphics into hand fabricated enameled cabochons.  The possibilities are endless.

Laser Technician

Annika has been immersed in the makerspace culture for the last 3 years.  Through being a laser technician and teaching classes, laser cutting is another skill she has mastered.  She has access to the laser cutter at the Generator makerspace in Burlington, VT.  If you need your initials engraved into wine glasses for your wedding or your logo etched into pint glasses, Annika is your gal!